Golden Fleece Group:
A Chronology of Key Events


Rob Creekmore assembled the following chronology of the Golden Fleece group:

Pre-2001: Various informal meetings on uses of storytelling in organizations at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough TN.  Early pioneering work of Rick Stone, Steve Denning, David Snowden, and others.  Denning and Snowden begin convening “Master Classes.”

Fall 2000: Seth Kahan creates the StorytellinginBusiness listserv

March 2001: Lisa Kimball and Rob Creekmore convene the Virtual Storytelling in Business Symposium, sponsored by the International Storytelling Center

April 2001: Steve Denning convenes the first Smithsonian workshop on organizational storytelling

May 2001: Initial luncheon at the World Bank to explore forming an organizational storytelling group in Washington, DC

July 2001: First official meeting of the DC Organizational Storytelling Group (OSG -later known as “Golden Fleece”) at George Mason University.  Paul Costello leads the Living Stories Process, supported by Seth Kahan and Rob Creekmore.  Four “Stories of Our Beginnings” by Madelyn Blair, Sharon Cox, Patti Digh, and Lisa Kimball, are selected to represent the community’s beginning.

August 2001: Paul Costello concludes the Living Stories Process with the group, supported by Rob Creekmore.  First meeting at our regular venue at Van Ness Condominiums, hosted by Lynne Feingold.  Draft “Description” for the OSG prepared by Madelyn Blair and Rob Creekmore.

October 2001: Dave Rippey leads OSG session on “Leadership Stories” at Alicia Korten’s home.  Annette Simmons and Jimmy Neal Smith convene a meeting of major organizational storytelling practitioners during the National Storytelling Festival.  Rick Stone, Steve Denning, and others make presentations on organizational storytelling at the Festival.

November 2001 Madelyn Blair leads OSG session on “Storytelling and Appreciative Inquiry” at the World Bank.  Three “Future Stories” are created by the group, including one entitled “The Good Ship Golden Fleece,” from which the name “Golden Fleece” emerges for the OSG.  Seth Kahan creates the GoldnFleece listserv.

December 2001: Seth Kahan and Rob Creekmore lead OSG session on “Tapping the Archetypal Power of Stories in Organizations” at Van Ness (all further OSG sessions are convened there).

January 2002: Michael Salla leads OSG session on “The Hero’s Journey Applied to the History of American Foreign Policy.”

February 2002: Seth Kahan leads OSG session on “Activating Human Potential in Communities of Practice.”

March 2002: Denise Lee leads OSG session on the “Knowledge Sharing Initiative Using Storytelling at NASA.”

April 2002: Alicia Korten leads OSG session on “Creating a Culture of Conscious Storytelling in Organizations.”  Steve Denning and Seth Kahan lead another Smithsonian workshop on organizational storytelling.  Many of the major organizational storytelling leaders present at the “Action Enabled Learning: The Power of Narrative” conference in New York.

 May 2002: Steve Denning leads OSG session on “Seven Highest Value Forms of Organizational Storytelling.”

 June 2002: Dave Snowden leads OSG session on his work with narrative in organizations using complexity theory.

 July 2002: Paul Costello leads OSG session on “The Irish Story” with his young Irish interns from the Young Leaders program that Paul leads.

 August 2002: Joan Girardi leads OSG session on “Exploring the Use of Story in Knowledge Sharing” using simulations.  Later in the month, Seth Kahan previews his NASA workshop on Work Life Balance.

 September 2002 First StoryCon conference convenes in Palm Springs, CA.

 October 2002: Paul Costello and Rob Creekmore intended to lead a session on “Using the Living Stories Process to Discover Our Stories of the Present” but there were insufficient numbers so there was an open-ended dialogue instead. 
  Rob Creekmore, Steve Denning, and Seth Kahan make organizational storytelling presentations at the National Storytelling Festival.  The following day they convene an open exploratory session among people interested in organizational storytelling. 
   Around this time Denning, Kahan, Madelyn Blair, and others begin sharing the Golden Fleece story at various conferences and events around the world.

 November 2002 Steve Denning and Seth Kahan led an OSG discussion on the sprouting of new groups in Atlanta, Albany, San Diego, and Boston, as well as the possibility of an entire weekend of events around a third annual organizational storytelling event at the Smithsonian.

 December 2002: Alicia Korten, Lynne Feingold, and Sharon Cox led a performance of Alicia’s poem “The Voyage of the Golden Fleece” at Van Ness. 
   Paul Costello convened the first of a monthly series of workshops entitled: “Becoming Storywise: An Introduction to Narrative Practice” in Bethesda, MD.

 January 2003: Seth Kahan led a New Year’s Ritual during the OSG session.

 February 2003: Seth Kahan led an OSG session on “Storytelling and Our Work in the World”

 March 2003: Noa Baum led a workshop which was a “trial run” of a workshop that she is planning to give to lawyers on the subject of listening.

 April 2003: Greg Kramer and Rob Creekmore led an OSG session on “Storytelling and Mindfulness.”
   Third Smithsonian Associates workshop was held on April 12, 2003 and was linked to other storytelling events on April 11 and April 13.

  May 2003: Bill Harvey led a review of the Smithsonian weekend.
   May 27: Rob Creekmore and Lynne Feingold led an improv theater workshop on possible endings to Steve Denning's book, "The Squirrel: The Seven Highest Value Forms of Organizational storytelling" 

  June 2003: June 3: Madelyn Blair and Seth Kahan led a workshop on identifying communities of interest and practice within the group.
    June 10: Rob Creekmore and Bill Harvey led a session about the future evolution of the group.

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